Eco Undies and The Worlds First Carbon Neutral Bra

Marks and Spencers are just about to launch their first carbon neutral lingerie which is great news for all those who are dedicated to lessening their impact on the environment. Not only does this extend the choice of eco friendly products available to buy but it is also a big step for the high street giant in making all of its clothing more environmentally sustainable.

The lingerie set which will be available online will be made in eco factories in Sri Lanka which have cut their energy usage by a third by using solar power, hydro electricity and low energy light bulbs. Any carbon dioxide that is produced in the manufacture will be planting 6000 trees each year in the community, a quarter of which will be fruit trees and will generate money for the local people.

Not only is the project good as it reduces carbon emissions but the planting of trees will also help to preserve the countries endemic species by creating green corridors between the fragmented forests.

Bamboo Baby Girls Underwear in Coffee and Vanilla

For eco friendly children’s underwear Bamboo Baby have supersoft bamboo underwear sets made from organic cotton and bamboo. Not only are the sustainable and kind to the environment but also very soft and comfortable for children to wear.